What’s the best food plot to attract a buck during the early season in southeast Ohio?

By Grant Woods,

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What is the best early season food plot to attract and pattern a buck before the rut starts to kick in? I would like to draw him in and pattern him in September. I hunt in south east Ohio and have seen very nice bucks on my trail cams.
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I’ve had good success with Eagle Seed’s late maturing forage soybeans.  These beans will still be green and producing new forage during September while commercial beans will be maturing and decreasing in palatability.  Bucks are very attracted to fruit trees that produce during the early season.  Fruit trees take time to grow and become productive, but tree plots are tremendous buck killing tools!  Check out http://www.FlatwoodNatives.com for more information and suggestions.

Remember that mature bucks seek safety more than food or does.  Make sure you don’t alert the buck by hunting the area when the conditions aren’t in your favor.

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January 16, 2016