What’s a realistic goal where I hunt?

By Grant Woods,

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Hey dr Grant I’ve been whaching growingdeer.tv for two years I want to start growing a lot of big bucks I live in nc and I only have 25 acres of land and every one around me hunts I now of some they will shoot what ever comes out and some peopple around my parts get away of hunting all year long how can I get big bucks if that happens all the time and I have never killed a deer I’m trying so hard I don’t have a lot of tools to do what you do what can I do here at east bend nc


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I believe hunting should be fun!  Part of keeping hunting fun is having realistic goals for the area where you are hunting.  A good goal is a to tag a buck that’s as old as at least most of the bucks using the property.  If that’s two years old – then that’s a great buck!  In some areas, that may be any buck or any venison for the freezer!

Focus on enjoying hunting and all will be well!

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