What’s a good plan to convert a stand of park like red oaks to bedding cover?

By Grant Woods,

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We have a lot of park like timber nothing big enough to timber though, most of it is red oak. What would you recommend doing to make deer bedding? I have looked into hinge cutting, but a lot of the trees are to close together to get the trees to hinge easily.



A safer and easier plan than trying to fell trees with a chainsaw is to use the Hack n Squirt method.  I prefer this to the hinge cutting technique for several reasons. I simply use the appropriate herbicide and a hatchet and kill most or all the trees where I want bedding cover. With the sun now reaching the soil grasses and forbs will likely grow and provide both food and cover.

To learn more about this technique watch: https://www.growingdeer.tv/#/bow-hunting-big-nebraska-gobblers

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December 21, 2015