What’s a good food plot crop for a beginner?

By Grant Woods,

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I’m a beginner and I’m wanting to make a food plot near my house. And I’m wondering what would be the best seed to start out with? I also live in Kentucky.


There are many factors that go selecting what size and type crop to plant in a food plot.  These include:

1. Size of plot you have permission to establish.

2. What equipment is available (tractors and drills or a rake and hand spreader).

3.  If you want the plot to provide quality nutrition throughout the growing season or simply attract deer during the hunting season.

There’s much information about establishing all types of plots at http://www.GrowingDeer.com.  Go to the Videos tab at top and then select the Food Plot tab on the left.

As you refine you mission for the plot I’ll be happy to try and help give more specific information.

Enjoy creation,


December 21, 2015