What’s a good backstop to place behind a 3D archery target?

By Grant Woods,

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Not s tough question. I have been looking for a solid solution to bow practice where I am able to retrieve arrows without damage or difficulty. I noticed you have a large white square backstop behind your 3d deer target. Can you provide me with a little information on the backstop to include what your thoughts are on it with broad heads or target tips? What it is made out of? Possible distributors?

I have my barn behind the 3d target at my home in the event the 3d is missed (don’t want to lose any at the cost of arrows today). You can see my 3d target in the background of the picture I have attached. (No killing at the house. These are off limits! Wife’s rules. 🙂 )

Thank you for your advice and help. Wishing you all a very successful hunting season this year! Thank you for all the videos and educational material you have provide not only me but those whom I have shared your site.

Take care and be safe!
Rich Tanner
Warrenton, Virginia


Deer feeding behind houseThe large “white square” is a product from a company that is no longer in business.  It is only to be used with field tips.

I often use large round bales of hay as a backstop behind 3D targets. These are inexpensive work work great!  They will decompose over time and need to be replaced.

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Enjoy creation!