What was your college major?

By Grant Woods,

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Dear Grant,

After watching a lot of your videos over the last couple of years I have taken a huge interest in the biology of whitetail deer and turkeys. I’ve noticed at the beginning of the episodes it shows that your job is a wildlife biologist. I have also seen on other YouTube videos people being named a whitetail biologist. I was wondering what did you major in, and what kind of classes did you take? And after school what type of job opportunities were you looking at or could have possibly had with your degree? I would really enjoy having a job that I was very passionate about and would love going to every day.

Thanks, Blake

Since first grade I’ve been fascinated with deer. I found a poached fawn at the farm where I lived.  Literally ever since that day I wanted to work with deer.

My undergraduate and master’s degrees were in zoology with an emphasis in wildlife. My Ph.D. was in forest and wildlife resources.

I started consulting with landowners and companies to help them with deer and habitat management while I was in grad school.  After graduating I continued that same work. My firm, Woods and Associates, Inc. has been incorporated 25+ years.

I believe God literally designed me to be a deer biologist and I’ve never strayed far from that path.  I strongly encourage you to seek God’s will in your life and follow that path.