What variety of Eagle Seed soybeans did you use in the smaller plots?

By Grant Woods,

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I recently watched one of your videos where you showed a small food plot planted in eagle seed soybeans. In that plot you suggested a different variety of bean that vined more so that it would not be consumed as fast as a more upright growing bean. Can you tell me the variety of bean this would be and would it work well for me here in Pennsylvania. I planted the Wildlife Manager’s Mix last year in 3 small plots and they consumed this all summer long. I was hoping this other variety might produce even more for me.
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I planted the Whitetail Thicket variety in some of the smaller plots and was thrilled with the results. I don’t know if Eagle Seed will offer this variety during 2016. I believe it will be included in some of their blends.  

The Whitetail Thicket variety will germinate and grow well in Pennsylvania.  

I also try planting more seed than normal in my smaller plots. I don’t worry about too much competition as the deer browse won’t allow the plants to mature and become too crowded.

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January 21, 2016