What type of turkey calls do we use?

By Grant Woods,

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Hello Sir, this year will be my first year hunting turkey in a very long time. I saw my dad take a couple 20 years ago so I have some basic knowledge. I’ll be using a box call. That is what dad used and seems to be the most beginner friendly. I live in the Cincinnati area with big box stores like Bass Pro and Cabellas. Do you have a brand of box call that you would suggest? Do you know of any call training aids such as cds that I could use to practice before the season? Thank you for your time and expertise.


Congrats on turkey hunting once again! It’s definitely one of my favorite times of the year! We use Hooks Custom Calls (http://www.hookscalls.com) They make a box call that is chalkiness and very easy to use called the “Bantam Box.” I really like their slate calls as well, especially the “Exterminator” and the “Classic Slate.” Both of these produce a great sound and are easy to use!

Currently we don’t have any videos explaining how to use turkey calls, but we will be filming and releasing segments exactly what you’re looking for in the following weeks! Be sure to check out GrowingDeer.com in the upcoming weeks to find them!

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