What to plant for food plots near Rose Hill Kansas?

By Grant Woods,

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I have recently purchased a small farm near Rose Hill Kansas, with 8-10 acres of pasture surrounded on 2 sides by fields (what very from corn, wheat , soybeans and milo) with the 3rd side a small medow with woods. I am new to food plots and looking for information on strategies to get white tail deer and turkeys on a constant passing for food and forage. There are a lot of trails with deer tracks and turkey scratchings all along the property along with coon, skunk and coyotes. I am a trapper with hopes of thinning down varments and predators in the coming winter as well. The pasture is fenced with wire and is completely open with exceptions of small trees along the fence line. There also is a run off creek to the right of the property that has a constant flow of water through the year as well from a small spring. Any information would be helpful. Thanks


Congratulations on purchasing the farm!!

No matter what you plant it will be tough to compete with the commercial crops on the adjoining farms when those crops are in place.  However, once those crops are harvested you will likely have the best food in the neighborhood!

I suggest you plant Eagle Seed forage soybeans and clover (not mixed). Plant about 80 to 90% of the plot acreage in the Eagle Seed forage soybeans.  These beans will stay greener much longer than the adjoining commercial crops.  This will help attract deer during the early bow season.  Once the commercial crops are harvested the pods on the Eagle Beans will be a huge attraction to deer. 

The clover plot will attract deer and turkey in the spring and if in early fall if the soil has enough moisture.  

Finally, I strongly suggest overseeding the Eagle Seed beans with the Broadside blend like I do. This will provide greens and grain during the hunting season.  Deer tend to prefer the greens on warm days and the grain during cold weather.

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February 21, 2016