What time of year will deer eat apples?

By Grant Woods,

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Hi, Dr. Grant! I am hunting early muzzeloader in the state of NY about 30 miles south of the Canadian border. I am hunting a large green field with 80 acres of hardwoods to the north. In the field to my south I have had my trail cam up for 2 months and only have a few pics of deer. I have water to my left (60 yards) and 80 plus apple trees. It seems like the perfect spot to attract deer because all the apple trees have AWESOME fruit. I would like to know – What time of the year deer up here may eat these apples?  Maybe I can even catch a glimpse of a shooter buck. I love your show and thank you so much for all the footage and tips.. thanks



There are many different varieties of apples and they ripen at different times.  I don’t know what variety of apples and what other competing food sources are in the home range of the deer you are hunting?

Given the quality and quantity of food in the area you described I suspect the deer are feeding somewhere else or have been alerted and associate that area with danger.  Deer behavior and food sources are changing rapidly this time of year.  The deer in where you hunt could move back in the area any day!

Be careful not to alert the deer in the area.

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October 21, 2015