What time of year is most beneficial to remove coyotes?

By Grant Woods,

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I just read an article in the July 2015 edition of Bowhunter. It was written by C.J. Winand, titled Coyote Update. I’ve watch most if not all of your videos on your site and have seen the videos about trapping predators to help limit offspring mortality. Most trapping seasons are in the fall, well at least here in Illinois. After reading this article I was curious to hear what you might have to say about their findings. The idea that hunting/trapping coyotes in the Fall don’t seem to have much affect on the heard. Should hunting of coyotes be in the late winter months?? Just found it interesting and after watching you videos you appear to take a very scientific approach to your land and wildlife management.


I tried to attached a copy of the article.


I haven’t read C.J. Winand’s article titled Coyote Update.  

I suspect he’s referencing research that showed coyotes can be very mobile and tend to fill areas/territories that aren’t defended by other coyotes.  One of the grad students I helped advise published the results of removing coyotes just before and during fawning season.  There was an amazing response in fawn survival!  You can read about that work at:  https://getd.libs.uga.edu/pdfs/vangilder_cory_l_200808_ms.pdf

However, in many states, including where I live in Missouri coyote trapping season closes well before fawning season. That doesn’t mean there aren’t benefits to trapping coyotes during the winter.  I’ve trapped at my place for years.  Through the years we’ve noticed an improved fawn survival rate.  It seems trapping during the winter requires many more years to achieve the same results at trapping just prior to or during the fawning season.  

As the State Director of Wildlife in Virginia said recently “…dead coyotes don’t eat deer…”  If the predator/prey population is out of balance where you hunt, I encourage you to remove coyotes whenever you legally can.

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