What techniques do you use to hunt near bait?

By Grant Woods,

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A couple of questions, I have friends that are telling me now that I should have my tree stand over 20ft high. In regards to baiting, two things: spread it out over a large area just to keep the deer in the area, 2nd, put a pile about 100yds down wind to catch the bigger buck approaching it. I also have a feeder, when should i schedule it, have been told the deer NEVER get used to the sound and it scares them away, making them nocturnal right away, Scent control is worthless and need a scent lock product along with rubber boots since other boot will always carry scent regardless of how you care for your hunting gear.
so I was just wandering what your thought are? I have only been hunting for about 15 years and this is all new stuff to me. Also how far away should you put your bait pile? rich


It’s illegal to hunt near bait in Missouri.  Even when I lived in South Carolina I didn’t hunt near bait very often.  I do know that deer can be conditioned to the sound of a feeder and come running when bait is dispensed.  However, if deer learn to associate with area with danger (human activity) they will often avoid bait during daylight hours.  This has been well studied in both South Carolina and Georgia.  

I’m very confident that deer will readily use bait they don’t associate with danger. Most hunters seem to condition deer to avoid stands near bait, at least during daylight hours by their activity.

Reducing scent on hunters and gear is a good practice!  These efforts may control a hunter’s scent enough to allow deer to approach within range.  I use the complete Dead Down Wind system ( gear, personal hygiene, and field spray) and have had good results.

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January 12, 2016