What tasks should I do during the winter to prepare to establish plots next spring?

By Grant Woods,

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1st of all, I appreciate your posts when you share your faith. Thank you for that.

I just gained access to about 500 acres that is almost all wooded. This property was select cut about 3 years ago. As a result, the woods are almost impenetrable. There are several logging trails and staging areas that, I think, could be planted in something.

I don’t own any heavy equipment including an ATV. I’m going to take some soil samples this weekend while out muzzle loader hunting to gain a sense of what’s going on with the soil. Is there anything else I could or should do during the colder months?

This is my first real opportunity to hunt in close to 15 years. I’ve not been able to adequately scout the property and don’t expect much this year. I’m just pleased to be out in God’s country again.


Congrats on acquiring a property to hunt close to your home!

Taking soil samples is a very important first step!  You might clear any woody stems from areas where you wish to establish plots.  Late winter is also a good time to consider stand placement, trim shooting lanes, entry and exit paths, etc.  You’ll probably need a herbicide sprayer (backpack models, etc.), and other hand tools to be ready to roll next spring!

Enjoy the process of learning and managing this land!

Enjoy creation,


November 9, 2015