What size arrow should I use?

By Grant Woods,

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Huge fan of your videos! You and I share a passion, not only for hunting, but for the year long process of management & conservation.

I have just recently purchased a new bow.
Is there a general rule or exception regarding arrow and broadhead weight?

– I have about a 29 inch draw with around 65lb draw weight
– Do you think i will be ok with 400grain arrows & 100 grain broadheads?





Thank you for watching http://www.GrowingDeer.tv and for sharing the kind words!

I also have a 29″ draw and my bow is set at 62 pounds.  I shoot the Impact Hunter arrow from Bloodsport and the Havoc broadhead from G5.  I’ve been very pleased with this combination.

I like my arrow to extend an 1″ past the arrow rest on my bow.  The exact length will depend in which rest, etc.

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