What should I plant where the soil is very wet?

By Grant Woods,

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Hello Growing Deer Team,
I have a question regarding foodplots. We have about 3 acres that is in a great spot to be a foodplot for winter use by deer. The problem is more years than not this ground is very wet, almost to the point of standing water. If we were to make this area into a foodplot, what practices would help with the wet soil? Currently a neighbor cuts and bails the grass for his cattle so the ground can hold a tractor on sod, but I fear if we break the sod the ground will be too wet to drive on.
Also, what are some good things to plant in a wet soil?

Thanks in advance!



Most soils that are wet hold even more water during the winter.  This is because there is lower evaporation rates when the temperatures are low.  

I’m not aware of any good forage for deer that prospers in wet soils – especially standing water.  Tilling can serve to help dry out soil, but can also result the soil packing and create other problems.

A better plan may be to use a herbicide to terminate the grass and then broadcast a mix of wheat and clover in the area.  However, if the area is likely to hold water I recommend leaving it as it is and finding a different location for the food plot.

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