What should I plant in small-sized plots that traditionally are heavily browsed?

By Grant Woods,

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Hi Grant, i just have a quick question for you. M friend and i this year finally started working on food plots. We did not have any summer food unfortunately. My question is that our food plots only equal up to about 1.45 acres. Now I was watching the video on the whitetail thicket beans that are new. Would you recommend those for our small food plots, or what would you do with the food plots that will get grazed heavily?

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Adam Kunkel


Depending on what latitude (how far north) the plots are located, I recommend one of Eagle Seed’s Wildlife Manager blends.  These blends include the Whitetail Thicket variety of forage soybeans.  I often plant 80 or more pounds per acre of soybeans in plots that traditionally are heavily browsed.  The increased number of stems per square foot allows for for more tonnage of forage to be produced per acre.  The increased number of stems per acre works well in plots that are heavily browsed as not all plants will reach maturity.  

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