What should I plant in my small food plot?

By Grant Woods,

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I hunt in an area that is mostly timber and I am planning on making a very small food plot just to attract deer, not to improve the herd. My question is what should I plant in a small food plot that will last as long as possible and will grow well in an area that doesnt get a lot of sun due to all of the timber.

Thank you


Great question! These small plots can be very attractive to a deer herd that spends the majority of there time in the timber. There are many different options to choose from when planting, however we have found that either Eagle Seed Broadside blend or wheat works great! Wheat may do slightly better in a more shaded area, however if the plot will get a good deal of sunlight, the Broadside blend is designed to attract deer all season long based on the 4 different cultivars in the mix. Check out the Broadside mix here (http://www.eagleseed.com/BROADSIDE.html) Deer are natural browsers, so they like a variety to feed on! 

I hope you are successful in creating this small food plot! 

GrowingDeer together,

Matt Dye