What should I do to improve the quality of cover after a widespread wildfire?

By Grant Woods,

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Back in the summer of 2013 during the drought we had a very hot burning wildfire come thru our area in NE Oklahoma. We had preferred cover from hinge cutting and TSI on our 100 acres compared to our neighbors before the fire. However, the wildfire was so hot that it killed the majority of the oak/hickory trees over a thousand acres and after the fire our property has nothing different to offer compared to our neighbors. Now that the oaks are regrowing and about chest high, all the cover is the same. We had much fewer deer sightings this season compared to years past. So what can we do to improve our cover compared to our neighbors at this point? We have eagle soybeans, and other cool and warm season plots that were established years ago, and our property borders Keystone lake. So food and water are not a problem. Thanks in advance for your reply, and for your weekly show. I have watched every episode for the last 1.5 years.



It can be very difficult to attract deer to cover when quality cover is contiguous for 1,000+ acres.  It can also be difficult to see and pattern deer when quality cover is widespread.  Maybe you can hunt in such a way that deer consider the cover on your property secure versus on the neighboring properties.  This requires be ultra conscious about the wind and scent reduction.  Hunt your property in such a way that deer are rarely alerted to human presence!   Deer will likely spend more time on your property if they have plenty of security cover, food, and water and are alerted less compared to when on the neighboring properties.  

You may also consider other attractants like fruit trees!  Deer love fruit and I suspect there’s not many pear, apple, etc., in your area.  Tree plots can be a great attractant!  The folks at http://www.FlatwoodNatives.com helped me determine which varieties of fruit trees would grow best in my area.

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February 22, 2016