What Scarred this Fawn?

By GrowingDeer,

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Hey Grant,

I love the site and all you do to pass valuable information to us.

I have three pictures of a fawn that has some skin removed.  My buddy said the fawn got hit by a car.  I think it is some kind of disorder or maybe a predator got after it.  Can you look at the pictures and give us your opinion?  From the photos, the fawn looks like he/she is getting around with little problem.

Thanks for your help,



I agree with your buddy, the hair loss pattern appears to be caused by the deer sliding on an abrasive surface, etc.  There are several possibilities that could have caused this including, but not limited to glancing a tree while moving fast or sliding on pavement while dodging a car.  No one will probably ever know what caused those scars.  The fawn appears healthy in the images and I suspect will regrow hair in those areas.  The hair may be a slightly different color and provide you with a way to identify that deer as it ages.

Growing Deer together,