What kind of food plot should I plant?

By Grant Woods,

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What kind of food should I plant and how do I keep it all year for deer to have enough?..


Whew – There are way too many unknowns about your question for me (or anyone) to give an accurate answer.

You might consider:

1.  Location – latitude, average precipitation amounts, type of soil.

2.  Goals – attract deer during the fall or provide enough quality food year round to improve the local herd’s health.

3.  Other food sources in the area (are the commercial crop fields near by or is all the surrounding properties timbered)?

4.  What equipment do you have access to to establish and maintain the plot?

5. What’s your budget?

I suggest you scan through several of the questions in the Food Plot category of Ask Grant. I suspect you’ll find much useful information there from other hunters!

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November 11, 2015