What is this growth on the face of this doe?

By Grant Woods,

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I really love watching your episodes of Growing Deer TV. I have learned so much and it has made me enjoy the sport of hunting and wildlife management even more. That being said, I was going through pictures on my trail camera last night and came across this photo of a doe with a growth on the side of her face. At first it looked like a tick but after looking closer I’m sure it’s a growth of some kind. Just wanted to get your thoughts on it and if it’s something I should be concerned with. Thanks!



Thank you for watching GrowingDeer and for sharing the encouraging words!

The growth on the doe may be a Fibroma.  They rarely cause deer problems. To learn more about Fibromas check out: https://huntfish.mdc.mo.gov/hunting-trapping/hunting-diseases/fibromas-papillomas-warts.

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