What is the best deer attractant to use in north Florida?

By Grant Woods,

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Hi, I hunt in north Florida near the Jacksonville area. Deer are heavily hunted around my parts and most of the same bucks on my trail camera are on many other hunters cameras in my area. I bait deer around here with regular yellow shucked corn as most of the other hunters in my area do also. I want to know what can I use to my advantage to get more deer preferring to come to my stand over all the other hunters around here? I also have had a a buck on my property last year and this year with odd antlers that are webbed. He is named the moose Buck because of his webbed antlers. The deer around here usually do not get very big and antlers do not get very big. I was wondering if to could age this Buck for me? Thanks, Colby


I work in Florida frequently and agree there’s a lot of hunting pressure throughout most of the state!

Baiting/feeding is a very common practice throughout much of Florida.  Deer certainly like corn.  They prefer whole shelled corn in most areas that I work.  I doubt there’s any magic bait that will attract deer better than corn.  In fact, that’s the number one attractant we use when trapping deer!  

Rather than trying to find the ultimate attractant it may be better to consider other factors that determine where deer feed within their range.  Deer tend to eat at the best food source that they don’t associate with danger. Therefore, by insuring deer don’t associate your property/bait sites with danger will likely make them the preferred feeding sites in the area.  This means only hunting each site when the conditions are in your favor.  

Deer need food, cover, and water on a daily basis.  You might consider the quality of cover and water on the neighboring properties and see if you can provide better cover and/or water sources.  Remember that deer spend most of the daylight hours in cover.  Providing the best cover or areas where deer feel secure could be the key to holding bucks on your property during daylight hours.

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