What is the best bait for trapping raccoons and other predators?

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I enjoy looking at your site and the info that I learn. I was very interested in GDTV 10. Predators are a HUGE problem that I’m having on our family farm. What do you use to bait the traps with (the box traps and foot traps)? What do you do to trap the coyotes and bobcats? Any info you could give is greatly appreciated.




I use inexpensive dog food when my target is raccoons, opossums, and skunks. It seems the inexpensive dog food has a stronger odor compared to the more costly brands. I want the “bait” to have enough odor to attract predators. However, of greater importance is placing the trap where the predator will be traveling! This includes scouting for sign, learning predator travel corridors, etc. Trapping literally makes me a better deer hunter. Unfortunately, Missouri’s coyote and bobcat season closed January 31st, so I can’t demonstrate my larger predator trapping techniques. I will show my coyote and bobcat trapping techniques next fall on GrowingDeer.tv.

When my target is coyotes, I prefer rancid meat. I usually place trimmings from a deer I processed in a bucket and hang it in an old barn. Once vultures begin circling the barn, I know it is ready! Bobcats on the other hand prefer very fresh meat. Trapping season just ended and I’m already excited about trapping next year (so are the deer and turkey at my place!).

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