What is our scent control regiment

By Grant Woods,

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What is your scent control regiment for deer hunting?

Phillip Vance,

Thanks for the question! We take our scent control seriously as we know that it plays a huge role in our success while in the field. This process takes time, but the time it takes to do so is often rewarded.

Below is our process that we go through during each season to ensure we stay successful!

  • Wash ALL hunting garments in a scent eliminating detergent (in a separate washer if possible).
  • Dead Down Wind is enzyme based and provides more scent reduction compared to products that rely on harsh bactericides.
  • Hang clothing outside to air dry in an area free of non-natural odors.
  • Store clothing in a scent free, air tight environment.
  • Get dressed in hunting gear out in the field and then remove hunting clothing before getting into the vehicle or going inside.
  • Shower with scent eliminating soap before each hunt.
  • Wear boots that are only used for hunting and have been cleaned with Dead Down Wind products and stored in a separate air-tight container from clothes.
  • Spray down with Dead Down Wind’s field spray when entering the field, especially the bottom of boots.

It’s critical to realize that using a field spray alone won’t reduce scent near as well as using the entire system described above.

I hope this helps you stay successful in the coming hunting seasons!

GrowingDeer together,