What habitat improvements do you suggest for the 160 acres I hunt in Quincy, Florida?

By Grant Woods,

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I have been watching several of your video clips on youtube to try to learn how to make my hunting property better. I hunt on a 160 acre tract in Quincy, Florida that is 85% pines with a few hardwoods. I was wondering is there any way you could help me become a more successful hunter by helping me improve my hunting area?


I’m traveling to Florida today for a hog and turkey hunt!

It appears there are some openings in the forest on the 160 acres where you hunt.  Deer need food, cover, and water that they don’t associate with danger.  If quality forage is limited, I suggest creating some hidey hope sized food plots and/or tree plots to attract deer during deer season.  You may wish to contact the folks at http://www.FlatwoodNatives.com and ask what species of fruit trees work well there!

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March 2, 2017