What gear do we use to trap coyotes?

By Grant Woods,

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What kind of gear do y’all use for trapping coyotes?


That is a great question! We use all Duke Traps (http://www.duketraps.com/) for whatever predator we are trying to manage. They have over 30 different trap type models.  So, they will have any type of trap that you are looking for.

You can watch the video at the link provided to learn more about creating a successful trap site for coyotes. (https://www.growingdeer.tv/?ep=how-to-make-a-dirt-hole-set-trapping-coyotes&#/trapping-coyotes-how-to-make-a-dirt-hole-set)

I hope you are successful in your trapping efforts!

GrowingDeer Together,

Matt Dye