What food plot crop do you suggest to plant in the sand hills of South Carolina?

By Grant Woods,

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Dr. Woods I have a few questions about putting in food plots in the sand hills of South Carolina. Obviously the soil is very sandy and our funds are short. We plan on not doing more than a few acres 4-5 tops in some clearings. Do you have a suggestion on what to plant? We would like to plant an ALL SEASON plot. Something that grows for the spring dies off, summer then dies off, winter then dies off. If you could offer any suggestions on what to sew and a reputable manufacturer it would be greatly appreciated. God Bless!


Tracy (my wife) and I lived near Abbeville, South Carolina for years!  I had several projects in the sand hills.

Soybeans are about as drought tolerant as any quality forage crop and easy to establish and maintain.  The soil where I live is very gravelly and doesn’t hold moisture. I’ve found Eagle Seed’s Big Fellow variety (http://www.eagleseed.com/forage.html) has proven very drought resistant. My clients in Georgia and South Carolina that planted them last year were very impressed how they performed during drought conditions.  

They are easy to keep weed free and I simply broadcast Eagle’s forage wheat over the beans during September (in South Carolina) for a good attractant during the hunting season. I then spray the beans and wheat with glyphosate (generic Roundup) the next spring and repeat.  This rotation will add nitrogen to the soil and add lots of organic matter to improve the carbon ratio.  This is a great way to build the soil, conserve soil moisture, and provide quality forage for deer!

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December 30, 2015