What food plot blend should I plant considering I’m surrounded by corn and soybean crops on neighboring properties?

By Grant Woods,

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What food plot blend should I use to plant for deer I am surrounded by corn and beans from the neibhoring properties


I assume you are asking about fall crops as the deer will likely be feeding in the neighboring bean fields during the summer. 

Typically production corn and soybean crops are harvested long before deer season is over.  If that’s the case where you hunt, many of my friends use Eagle Seed forage soybeans as they remain greener much longer than production varieties of soybeans.  This allows you to hunt over the green forage of soybeans during the early season when the crop beans are starting to turn brown and then over the bean pods after the production beans have been harvested. 

To have the best of both worlds I often overseed the forage soybeans at my place with Eagle Seed’s Broadside blend.  This allows me to have both soybean pods and greens in the same field!  Deer prefer the pods during cold periods and the greens during warmer days.

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February 24, 2016