What else can I do to the habitat where I hunt in Indiana?

By Grant Woods,

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I have watched your videos for years now and have been doing my best to apply what I learn to the properties I hunt. I hunt a farm in northern Indiana about 80 acres majority covered in pines and hardwoods, however the land owner doesn’t want me to plant food plots or cut down trees. it also has a decent sized pond on the property and borders a lake. So I am lost on what Else I could do to make the property better.


You certainly need to respect the landowner’s wishes!  

Sometimes when habitat improvement projects aren’t feasible it’s best to focus on hunting strategies.

I suggest you study the food, cover, and water resources on neighboring properties using Google Earth, etc.  Use this information to help determine where deer may be traveling through the property you hunt.

Consider making part of the property a sanctuary. Limit hunting pressure so deer feel comfortable there.  Deer spend most of the daylight hours in cover so it’s best if the cover or safe area on the property where you hunt!  Make sure you can approach your stands/blinds without alerting deer. This may mean walking downwind side of the property to reach your stand/blind rather than a shorter route through the property.

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November 24, 2015