What do you think about this research from some French scientists about rats eating GMO’s.

By Grant Woods,

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I was reading through some of the “Ask Grant” and came across this question and answer . . .


I ran across this research paper that was done on GMO.

Any thoughts?


I scanned the methods, results, and discussion of the research at the link you shared.  I find it odd that of the millions of deer that have been harvested from crop production areas here in the USA and no one is reporting a trend of “tumors,” etc. Every facet of glyphosate has been studied for years in the USA and no negative findings yet.  In fact the vast majority of record book deer come from area where glyphosate has been used for years.  Given that class action attorneys seem to be constantly searching for cases and no one has found any cause to go after the glyphosate technology, I suspect there’s not much there.

What’s your thoughts?

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February 9, 2016