What deer food should I use?

By Grant Woods,

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Hey there Grant, I have been watching alot of your videos on youtube. It’s really awesome you know so much and have so many degrees. Where I hunt is some nice size deer. Nothing like Midwest size or anything, but pretty good size for Georgia. I was wondering as far as just buying some feed and pouring it out, what would you prefer to be some of the best feed for the deer I hunt? I’m sure planting food plots would be the best resource, but I was just looking more along the lines of just giving them some of the best feed possible to help them grow antlers bigger and be healthier. Thank you.


There are many good deer food products.  Some have better marketing than others, but most have enough protein and energy to help deer.  In most areas, energy is a bigger concern that protein.  Deer in the Midwest grow large due to the readily available supply of energy from grain crops.  

It requires an intensive feeding program to improve a deer herd’s quality. This will require feeding year round – not just during the hunting season.  A good feeding program is a big commitment!  You should also know that feed placed on the ground is usually primarily consumed by raccoons, rodents, and birds. Literally more than half the feed your purchase may be consumed by raccoons.  

It’s often less work to grow food plots than to maintain a quality, year round feeding program.

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