What caused the large lump on this buck’s neck?

By Grant Woods,

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Hello Grant,

I haven’t seen this buck since he was in velvet, so I am very happy to see him show back up. I am concerned with the unusually large mass on his neck. I would credit it to fighting and then getting an infection but haven’t seen anything like this before.

He has had a lump on his lower jaw line (you can see in the 1st picture) since the summer when he first showed up on camera. I was wondering if this could have any connection to his neck?

The fact that he is still showing “normal” activity is a testament to Gods creation of these animals and just how strong they are.

Do you have any thoughts on what this might be?

Have a great day!
Joe K.


It’s certainly possible that the lump on the buck’s neck is related to a lump on his lower jaw.  I doubt anyone can diagnose the cause of this lump or give an accurate prognosis without examining the deer.  

If you learn more please share with me!

Enjoy creation,


November 9, 2015