What can I plant during the spring that will attract deer during the fall?

By Grant Woods,

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What could I possibly plant in a kill plot in spring for the year ? Most blends are for the fall planting but what could I plant in spring in my mini plots ? And it still be platable in hunting season.


There are many variables such as your location, size of the kill plot, etc.

Deer are very attracted to the forage of Eagle Seed’s soybeans during the summer and the pods during deer season.  However, the soybeans may get over browsed depending on the size of the plot and number of deer in the area.

Clover is another option.  Clover tends to be lush and attract deer during the spring. It can be lush during the fall if adequate soil moisture is available and the temperatures aren’t too hot (too far south) or two cold (too far north).  

Clover is a bit of a gamble depending on the location and specific site characteristics.  There are many more options for crops to plant in Hidey Hole plots during the fall.

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November 17, 2015