What can I do to keep deer using my property year round?

By Grant Woods,

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Hi Grant,

I enjoy watching all of your videos and have learned a lot. Behind my house, I have a bedding area, a watering source, and about 2 weeks before season a start putting whole shelled corn out and usually quit at the end of the season. During season they always have a food source (corn) and still travel to other neighbors properties to feed. i was thinking about ways to keep deer coming to me more. The ways I came up with are planting using a bow a season to keep from spooking deer, and planting a year round food source such as clovers. My question to you is what can I do to improve my property and keep deer coming back to me. Also I am wondering what steps I need to take to plant clovers.

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I always start by evaluating the best sources of food, cover, and water year round on the property I have permission to hunt and on the surrounding properties.  Remember that what’s a preferred food source during December likely won’t be a good food source during July. 

By identifying what’s the least available or lowest quality resource (food, cover, or water) I can then work to add or improve that resource where I have permission to hunt.  Most folks overlook cover. However, cover is where deer, especially mature deer, spend most daylight hours.  

I suspect you’ll be able to quickly determine what you need to do to attract deer year round if you consider which resources are the most limited where you hunt.

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