What can I do to improve the 243 acres where I hunt?

By Grant Woods,

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This picture that I have attached is a picture of my farm. Well it isn’t my farm it is my grandpa’s farm. The red outline is the boundary of the property. The circles are the food plots but the big fields are ag fields. We have 243 acres. A long time ago my neighbors released a bunch of eastern wild turkeys because we did not have and turkeys. Now the turkeys are finally showing up. I have 14 different toms on trail cams. We used to have really big bucks. My dad has kill 2 15 pointers and we had this buck planned out. He was a 13 or 14 pointer with a huge kicker. We had the stand ready and everything. We were going to use that stand as a evening stand. We sat below the hill in a ground blind. He ran by chasing a doe. Then he stopped and starred at us. He then blew and took off. We haven’t seen him for 4 years. Now we have a bunch of little bucks running around because we have a bunch of uneducated people who trespass on us and shoot little bucks. Also we don’t shoot doe because we think that the bucks won’t leave the property because they have doe here. Another reason is that we have this one doe that produces twin bucks every year and those bucks have been growing huge. I am 14 and I have almost watched all of your videos. I am going to be a wildlife biologist and become like you (Grant). I was wondering if you could suggest thing that i could do to improve the deer and turkey health and property. Thanks


It looks like your grandpa’s farm is laid out nicely for hunting!  The blend of ag and narrow strips of timber should make finding deer travel patterns relatively easy.  

I like that there are food plots in addition to the row crops.  The row crops will provide an excellent source of forage throughout the summer.  Once those crops are harvested deer should be attracted to the food plots.  

You may wish to focus on scouting and learning ways to hunt the farm without alerting the deer!

I encourage you to seek God’s will for your life.

Enjoy creation,