What can I do to encourage deer to spend more time on the 80 acres where I hunt in Arkansas?

By Grant Woods,

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Hello Dr. Grant,
I have 80 acres of land in Prairie Grove Ar, Its about half timber and half open fields with a large pond, a creek that feeds the pond and a spring that feeds the creek. There is a property that is not hunted that is about 100 acres of timber with no open fields that is connected to my property, and another farm to the north that is 20 acres of fields for sheep and other live stock. We have hunted our land for the past 15 years and have had lots if success with many does and several bucks taken. This year however I have hunted more and seen less deer than in years past, come to find out the neighbors with the farm are allowing some people to hunt their property, they seem to be shooting everything brown that walks by with little regard for game laws and ethics. What would be your advice to make my property more attractive to the deer hiding out in the unhunted timber and the deer that are heavily pressured on the farm? I am planning on doing some off season work and bringing back some food plots we have had in the past as well as making a new one in an opening in the timber on my property, im also introducing trophy rock to the property. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.


It sounds like you have a very nice property! 

Deer seek quality food, cover, and water daily. Water is rarely a limiting factor in Arkansas.  Quality food that deer don’t associate with danger can be a very strong attractant for deer!  I suggest you develop some quality food plots and have one that you don’t or rarely hunt.  This plot should be strategically placed so to encourage deer to spend the maximum amount of time on your property.  

Cover – where deer are almost never alarmed – is often a limited resource.  I recommend you designate a portion of your property as a sanctuary.  Sanctuaries are fabulous tools for properties the size of yours!  They encourage deer to spend a large portion of the daylight hours on your property versus the neighbors!  

I a huge fan of sanctuaries!

Enjoy creation,


January 5, 2016