What can I do to attract deer to a strip of land that’s about 10 acres?

By Grant Woods,

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Hey Grant, I have been allowed to hunt a small acreage.It’s about 10 acres, but its kinda in a strip.Theres creeks that run threw it and a lot of agriculture nearby and i now theres deer.But I’m wonder how i can better manage the property and attract/keep more deer.


Congrats on having a place to hunt!  I always start by learning the local sources of food, cover, and water. You mentioned there was agricultural crops nearby and creeks in the area.  Deer often use creek banks as travel corridors.  I’d check for trails along the creeks and if they are present determine the best way to approach, hunt, and exit those areas without alerting deer!  

Having access to travel corridors can be better than hunting the feeding and bedding areas!  

The travel patterns may change as the local crops are harvested and new crops planted.  I’d monitor these food sources and learn how deer use the land where you have permission to hunt!  I like making mock scrapes in travel corridors and this may be a great technique for you!

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