What can I do on public land to improve the habitat quality?

By Grant Woods,

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Dear Dr. Woods
I hunt public land by my house here in eastern Oklahoma and I have been mainly inspired by your videos to be more of a selective hunter as far as letting the younger bucks walk and to harvest more does to balance the sex ratio if it is unbalanced. I would like to do what I can year round to see the deer be very healthy. So that bucks will reach their max potential and does be successful in raising their fawns. The land I hunt is roughly 900 acres, has lots of hardwood forest, plenty of thick cover areas, and good water sources. I believe there is good genetics in the area as I have seen good bucks and also a friend of mine killed a very nice buck on his land not far away. Being that it is public land I cannot clear land to create food plots. Also I know that others may not have the same goals as I do, but, is there anything I could do to help the growth of the deer?



I’m not sure about the public land you hunt, but most government agencies don’t allow folks like you and me to alter public land, especially without a permit.  It sounds like you are doing a very good job of passing young bucks and harvesting does. I call this trigger finger management and it’s a great tool!  Keep up the good work!  

Sometimes you can partner with a landowner and trade habitat management work for trespass rights (hunting access).  That may be the next step in your hunting career.

Enjoy creation and keep up the great work!


December 13, 2015