What can I do on 15 acres to help the local deer herd?

By Grant Woods,

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I hunt 15 acres with very little hunting pressure around it. Its all Woods and thickets with a field on the neighboring property. Was wondering what I could do to help manage the land little better to help grow a healthier deer heard


I always start by evaluating the local sources of food, cover, and water.  I try to identify which one (quality food, cover, or water) is the most limiting to the local deer herd.  This may vary during different times of the year.  For example, if there’s an ag field next door, there may be plenty of food until the crops are harvested.  However, that same field may be plowed ground (a desert for wildlife) during the winter.  

Once I identify the most limiting resource I see if it’s within my budget to add that resource.  Trace minerals are an easy thing to add.  They are often overlooked.  

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