What broadhead should be shot with a lower poundage bow?

By Grant Woods,

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I am 13 and just getting into bow hunting. I pull 35 lbs and was wondering what a good broadhead would be. I have heard that fixed blades are good for low poundage bows, but since you are a wildlife biologist I wanted to hear what you think. Thanks


Great question!  You are correct. A fixed blade will work better for your bow being set at 35 lbs compared to a mechanical broadhead.  Raleigh, Grant’s daughter shoots her bow at 42 lbs. She uses the G5 Striker broadhead (http://www.g5outdoors.com/g5-outdoors-fixed-broadheads/). It has been tested and confirmed to be the sharpest fixed blade on the market. Raleigh had a pass through shot with this combination on a mature buck last season.  You can see the episode here to watch these broadheads in action. (https://www.growingdeer.tv/archive/#/bow-hunting-three-deer-down-doe-doe-buck.)

Best of luck this season,