What are the whole weights of deer at The Proving Grounds?

By Grant Woods,

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I have another question regarding your harvest data.What are the average weights of your does and bucks? I am more particularly interested in live weight, but if you only have field dressed weight, that will work.

I have come to the conclusion that not all bucks are going to weigh 200 lbs at full maturity. Are deer more like people in that there are big people, short people, tall people, skinny people, heavy people?

I have seen on our farm a broad spectrum of weights. I have seen 5+yr old deer weigh in at 200 lbs, and I have seen 5+ year old deer weigh in at 170 lbs. Is this something you see as well?

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Bucks four years old or older average approximately (I have them all recorded but didn’t look them up) 200+ pounds during the  pre rut and 170 or less during the post rut.  Bucks will commonly lose 20% or more whole weight during the rut. So make sure you factor harvest date into your comparison.

Our heaviest doe this year weighed 156. Our average mature doe will have a whole weight of 120+.

How’s that compare to what you deer weigh?  These are heavier than average for deer living in high graded oak hickory forest.

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November 11, 2015