Using a No-Till Drill in Good Soil

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Dr. Woods,

Through watching your videos and reading your blogs it is obvious that you encourage using a no-till drill.  I live in central Illinois where the soil is much better than at The Proving Grounds and this practice is not as widely used here. Do you still recommend the no-till planter when planting beans in a plot that was corn the previous year?



No-till drills are a great tool for planting soybeans.  They minimize soil compaction and the associated costs of several trips across the plot with tillage implements.  They are really good at maximizing soil moisture retention as disking causes the evaporation of soil moisture.  I have clients in west-central Illinois and other production ag areas that use a no-till drill to plant soybeans and they have great results.

A corn/soybean rotation is a great food plot program and a no-till drill can be used to plant both.

Growing Deer together,