Turkey Hunting in the Ozarks

By GrowingDeer,

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I want to know what advice you have for turkey hunting in southern Missouri.  I have hunted them before but it was in a different state.  Do you have any advice for a first time turkey hunter in this part of the country?



I really enjoy turkey hunting!  I usually hunt turkeys in several states each spring and basically use the same techniques everywhere.  I try to get a feel for the stage of the turkey breeding cycle so I can adjust my calling and strategies accordingly.

One thing I try to do when hunting in hilly topography like the Ozarks is always to set up where the gobbler can’t see me until he is in shooting range!  This is easier to do in the Ozarks than in areas with flat terrain.  Mature toms rarely come to a call if they can see the area and hear a call but not see a hen.  I really enjoy hunting the Ozarks, except for toting a large tom up these hills.

Growing Deer (and chasing turkeys) together,