Trophy Rock

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Hello from north Georgia.  I have had a trail camera out since June watching a Trophy Rock.  Deer have been using it but in the last two weeks none of my good bucks have showed up.  I’m guessing they quit needing the mineral and moved to the acorns.  There is no other food source, other than small gardens, as most have been harvested now.




Deer at The Proving Grounds are still using Trophy Rocks.  They are also consuming acorns.  So, I wonder if the deer at your place simply shifted their range in search of food.  Are you seeing deer sign in the area?  You might place your trail camera on another resource, such as water that is near the Trophy Rock, just to get an indicator for deer activity in the area.  Deer tend to back off the salt products during the cool season, but continue using Trophy Rock because of the many trace minerals it includes.

Patterning deer in areas where acorns are the primary food source is difficult.  Food plots are tremendous tools in these areas!

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