Trophy Rock Compared to Cattle Mineral Blocks

By Grant Woods,

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Hi Dr. Grant,

I recently went and bought two Trophy Rocks.  Your videos talking about them convinced me to try them.  What is the difference between Trophy Rocks and a mineral block from an ag store (red colored block)?  I had some thoughts on it, but I know you are more knowledgeable on them.




Both Trophy Rocks and the standard mineral block sold at ag stores include some trace minerals.  However, there are 60+ trace minerals in Trophy Rock while the most trace minerals I’ve seen in a standard mineral bock is six.  Deer require a large number of minerals, but only require literally a trace of these minerals.  Deer will ingest some of these minerals as part of the forage they consume.  However, the mineral composition in soils and plants varies widely throughout the whitetails’ range.  Therefore, I want to provide more than six trace minerals to the deer I’m managing to ensure their growth is not limited by missing trace minerals.  Trophy Rock is a very practical method to ensure I’m providing 60+ trace minerals to a deer herd.

Growing Deer together,