Trail Cameras Use during the Season

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Dr. Woods,

I know from watching your videos you put out corn in front of your cameras for forming your “hit-list” and to see what you have on your property.  I’ve done that too.

As we transition into hunting season, can you review how you use your trail cameras differently than during the off season?




I do change my trail camera use strategies significantly during the season.  I only us bait during the pre and post season camera surveys.  Out of these few weeks, I place my Reconyx units primarily on feeding food plots (larger food plots) where I can check/maintain the cameras with minimal disturbance.  I really like the time lapse option!  This allows me to monitor 200+ yards without spooking deer.  I simply program the unit to take an image every 15 minutes during the first three hours of daylight and the last three hours before dark.  This strategy may miss a deer running through the field.  However, that is not a patternable event.  I’m looking for deer that are repeat visitors to the same areas.  Images of deer at 100+ yards will be blurry.  However, the images taken by Reconyx units are so good that I can zoom in and tell if shooter bucks are using the field.  With this information, I can plan where to hunt.  I rarely hunt the fields, except during the rut when bucks are prowling looking for does.  However, by knowing when and where a mature buck is entering a field, I can predict where he is coming from and set up a stand/blind at a point favorable for me to approach.

Time lapse is one of my favorite features of a Reconyx trail camera!

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