How many trail cameras are needed to pattern whitetails?

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After watching your video about using cameras to pattern deer (GDTV 66), I am interested in how many acres your facility is and how many cameras you use to track the deer.  I really liked your example of deer movement patterns.  Can I, with a limited budget for cameras, produce the same results with one or two cameras?  Or did you have cameras at all the locations at the same time?

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I like to use as many Reconyx trail cameras as practical given time and budget constraints.  The Proving Grounds (my place) is 1,500 acres and I try to use one camera per 100 acres when doing an official camera survey and I continue using them to scout with throughout the season.  Using rechargeable batteries has greatly reduced my operating costs!  I have other projects where we “leap frog” cameras as we don’t have a camera per 100 acres.  We get usable data, but not as good as using a camera per 100 acres simultaneously.

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