Switchgrass as Deer Cover

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On our 250 acre Iowa farm, we have 100 acres in CRP. I would like to increase the holding power of the farm for deer. I am thinking of adding 5 acres of Cave In Rock switchgrass to a brome field on the far edge of the farm. This area will be used as a sanctuary, free from any human pressure. The entire west half of the farm is seldom hunted to keep the pressure off established bedding areas, consisting of TSI wooded draws. We already have 50 acres of CP-25 prairie, and 6 acres of soybeans, 6 acres clover and 7 acres of alfalfa. Are you a fan of switchgrass for cover?



I’m a huge fan of establishing switchgrass to provide cover for wildlife! It provides great visual and thermal cover. Switchgrass is a very hearty species once established. However, it is not competitive when establishing. It is best to plant switchgrass in fields where a good seedbed has been prepared and there is no competing vegetation.

Be sure to consider the location of where to establish cover in relation to existing or planned travel corridors, food sources, and hunting locations. In addition, consider predominate wind direction and concealment of hunters approaching stand locations.

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