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For the past couple of years I’ve been under the understanding that with my Missouri archery tags I can shoot a buck before gun season and after gun season but if I don’t shoot one before gun season I can only shoot one after.  Recently I’ve been told I can shoot two bucks after gun season if I didn’t get one before gun season.  I checked the MDC website but that wasn’t very clear either.  Can you clear this up for me?



Sometimes I don’t understand hunting regulations either.  This is really a problem when hunting multiple states during the same year.  I reread Missouri’s archery regulations and interpret them to say that you can shoot two bucks with your bow after the rifle season if you did not harvest one before the rifle season in Missouri and still have two “any deer” bow tags left.  However, I’m not an employee of the Missouri Department of Conservation and you certainly need to check with one of their employees to confirm I’ve interpreted the regulations correctly.  Most conservation agents know the regulations well and enjoy speaking with hunters.

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