Should this buck be harvested due to his leg injury?

By Grant Woods,

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Dr. Woods we have a buck that has a leg injury that looks pretty bad. All we have is still Picts but when I go Labor Day I hope to sit out and see him and take some video. How do you decide if a deer should be moved to the top of the hit list because of an injury or if he’ll be ok? Right now he looks like his body condition is good but we’ve had a better weather year after several years of drought and we’ve had protein out. I’m wondering what winter and the rut might do to him. In the Texas county I hunt in I’m only allowed on buck with a 13 in. inside spread and a second with unbrancehed antler so I have to choose wisely.


Ps as a 35 year old daddy’s girl who still loves to hunt with her dad I love the videos of you hunting with your dad and girls. Nothing better than a good Christian man to go hunting with!


Thank you for the kind words!  

The buck appears healthy.  I didn’t notice any sign of infection, etc.  If he’s putting weight on the leg I suspect the break/wound has healed and he will survive.  If he doesn’t meet the harvest criteria and there’s no sign of infection I’d give him a pass.  If you notice that he’s not putting weight on that leg and/or you notice signs of infection than I would consider tagging him.

May you be blessed with an enjoyable fall!